The stupidity of humankind -
Is its greatest Punishment!!!


My photo (6k)Internet-Club of energetic running and walking uses in its work the excerpts from the bits of the broadcasts of "Unusual (internet) Radio", as well as the forum and site "Earth - the Planet of Biorobots", that were officially closed down by their author and creator Sat Guru Avatar Majtreya on the 27th of November 2012. The methods offered on this club's site are totally different not only from the usual running and walking, but also all existing forms of meditations of introvert type. It will teach you to correctly relax your body and receive through it (but not through muddled brains) not just health and pleasure from running, but also the knowledge that was previously beyond the reach of the earthlings. You will learn the basics of Cosmic Relaxation, and will become familiar with the necessary for strengthening the health of body and soul yogic cleansing procedures made easier for mollycoddled europeans and russians. You can then try to learn step-by-step the methodology of dry water-free fasts and correct exits out of them, which will enable you to get rid of the most incurable, from the modern medicine point of view, illnesses. In the future (if necessary), this experience may allow you to completely switch over to the energetic nourishment.

The article "Sauna and baths" contains a unique information for people who regularly take a hot bath, or visit all kinds of baths with different types of steam rooms. This information will help you to accelerate the activation of your skin - which is the largest perceptive and excretory organ of a body. This will help, apart from strengthening your health, to sharply heighten the level of one's own intuition and sensitivity.

If you practice energetic running, by combining it with walking accompanied by Cosmic Relaxation, then by utilising all published on this website materials you can many times enrich your inner world and health thanks to the exercises that develop the Conscience. This gives an opportunity to speedily develop along either evolution or involution, under a free-will choice of utterly individual spiritual path of development. For obtained from the outside Knowledges of the Open Cosmos will help you to realise that "NONVIOLENCE - IS THE MOST POWERFUL VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD". Apart from the existing laws of the society, there are other Cosmic Rules and Laws, that are followed by all evolving Universes and populating them Consciousnesses. All, except the majority of a seriously dumbed-down humankind.

Unfortunately, not a single religious confession, or a scientific environment, describe the Conscience as the key component, being grown in the body together with the Soul (or Consciousness). For it's only Conscience that bonds and directs the Consciousness along its chosen path: evolution or involution. The spiritual growth of a man is impossible without its direct involvement. Alike a synchronised transmitter and receiver pair, it effects direct, wireless, immaterial connection with the lower layers of the Potential Energies of Supermind Omniscience, which are fine-tuned in a mirror-like arrangement to a corresponding vibrational level of the growing Consciousness. Thanks to that, a human has means, while holding on to a Conscience like a blind man follows a guide, to consciously choose his path of a spiritual development. When someone needs Conscience as the basis and compass, he follows its laws. And if not: then "what cannot be cured, must be endured".

The chapter "Energetic running or walking" is about two main types: affirmative and basic running or walking on a sonic "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation. Later on, they will allow you to as if defy Earth's gravity, when you would be running with the speed of a racehorse in your individualised pace, even on steep slopes while Dry Fasting. Over time, running or walking can become a conscious meditation, which would - thanks to cleaning of psychic centres and channels - enable to better feel hands-on the technical capabilities of Cosmic Relaxation when connecting crude physical body and its fine fields-shells to various sections of Cosmic Knowledges.

The section "Spiritual work on a fitball" will enable even people with cerebral palsy to master all these techniques at home, with initial assistance from more healthy fellows. Author's sketch is visually demonstrated as exercises in the video file "Friendly Advice (in Russian)". This will allow to more clearly understand what the instructors of energetic running and walking will try to teach you. The photos and phone numbers can be found in "Contacts" section. They all have a minimal 15 days experience of dry water-free fasting behind themselves and they have a good command of how to use in practice some technical capabilities of Cosmic Relaxation, accessible to spoilt europeans and some russians. Some of them participated in the final broadcast of the "Unusual radio".

It is just because the modern medicine claims that a man who conducts dry fasting will certainly die after 7-10 days from the dehydration of the organism, that "The final radio broadcast (in Russian)" is published on the pages of this site. This video (in its original form, without any cuts and editing), will allow you to indirectly acquaint yourself with some of the instructors of energetic running and walking, who are alive and well not thanks to the accomplishments of the modern medicine, but despite it!

Forum "Belye Vorony", mentioned on "Unusual Radio", can be easily found on the internet by using keywords (in Russian) «Индивидуальность - враг толпы!!!» and «Дамоклов меч Доброты!!!». It also has additional information to widen your mental outlook, if there will not be enough info on the pages of "Internet Club of Energetic Running and Walking Enthusiasts".

Personal Assistant to Sat Guru Avatar Majtreya
Vorontsova Anastasiya Viktorovna