1. Evacuation of the colon
  2. The stomach wash
  3. Washing out the nose
  4. Water procedures
  5. Sauna and Baths


Initially, due to the extreme pollution of a "civilized man" intestines, a minimum of two-three weeks washing of the bowels by means of a hot water enema is required (the water temperature should be around 45C, this is what submerged under the water for a check arm's elbow should still bear). It is desirable to have this procedure twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, - each time three 1.5-2 litres Esmarch cups per session (two hot cups and one cold one in the end). After one week of carrying out the purification procedures, in order to achieve a higher degree of organism's detoxication additional two-three weeks fastings have to be added as follows: two days of fasting - three days of coming out of fast on a vegetarian diet, three days of fasting - respectively four days of coming out. Short-term fasts on water only are required to lower down the blood pressure and to strengthen the work of heart. To energetically nourish the organism and strengthen all the bodies-fields of a human, during the fast an intensive work with mantra "Peace, Happiness to All!" backed up by good deeds is required.


Drink about one and a half litres of warm water. While standing, bend forward at a right angle. Having placed a left hand on a stomach area for self massage, use the right hand's index and average fingers positioned inside a throat to tickle the root of the tongue to stimulate the vomiting reflex. Repeat such an artificial trick to urge vomiting until stomach throws out all the water previously drunk. For those experiencing problems with urging vomiting even after irritating a throat by fingers, some salt can be added into water. However, it is not advisable to keep adding it every day.

As soon as the water starts gushing out, remove the fingers to let the water pour out in a continuous stream. Then use the fingers again. When there will be no more water coming out, move your fingers in the throat, and you will feel vomiting without excreting water, meaning a full evacuation of the stomach. It is especially important to keep a semiflexed position of being bent at a right angle. Do not attempt to empty the stomach standing upright: it is harmful, especially for people with heart problems. The stomach wash has to be repeated several times (if the water during the vomiting will be either sour or bitter) until such time when water becomes clear of any slime and free of any after-taste. The procedure of vomiting should be rather smooth, without an extra load on the heart, for its strengthening due to a massage by abdominal cavity takes place gradually, not in one day. Back-flashing of the stomach follows the colon cleansing.

This procedure cleans the skin, expels the pimples and furuncles, cures dental illnesses, corrects the heart functions, cures the chest illnesses, constipation, jaundice disorder, indigestion, cough, asthma, rachitis, inflammation of the tonsils, incontinence, etc. This list is far from being complete. Those who suffer from heart disorders or have a high blood pressure must apply this procedure in a very gentle manner, ideally under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Others have to repeat it 40 days in a row, and then once a week.


Fill up a glass or medium-sized vessel with slightly salty water. Dip the nose into it and slowly suck in water through the nose, then spitting the water, which contain the impurities, out through the mouth. Initially one might feel a burning deep inside the nose, and can also encounter a furious sneezing which will be preventing the procedure from being accomplished. But gradually everything will stabilize and the unpleasant sensations will disappear. This procedure has to be repeated 2-3 times a day for few months, after that doing it once a week will be enough. After emptying the cup or bowl of water, bend forward at a right angle. Intensively inhale and exhale air through the nose, moving your head left, right, up, down to remove the water left in the nasal and forehead cavities.

According to the teaching of yoga this exercise works outstandingly well against chronic headache, a sleeplessness or drowsiness. Intellect is being stimulated, the loss of hair and premature grey hair stop. Washing out the nose is especially effective for the treatment of forgetfulness and catarrhal diseases. All the illnesses of the organs located above the neck can be cured using this exercise.


Ablution is the most useful procedure of bathing. First of all, one has to thoroughly wash the head and splash into the eyes with plenty of water. Then follows 2-3 minutes pouring of sufficient amount of cool water onto the navel and genitals, and 1-2 minutes onto a rear part of the thigh joints and knees. After this is done, pour the water over the rest of the body, rubbing and washing it as one likes. As hardening of the organism progresses the water temperature should be systematically lowered.

When taking contrast shower, in addition to the mentioned above methods, it's good to massage the soles of the feet on a massage pad or special box filled with coarse-grained pebble. A contrast shower should always be ended with a cold jet of water. After that one should briskly rub himself with hands and put a training suit on a moist body. Running or energetic walking on "R-breathing" with "HA" post exhalation and the rest follow. After that one can proceed to any forms of meditation.


A person taking a hot bath or visiting a bath-house with different types of steam compartments aims, apart from cleanliness, to heat up his or her body and internal organs to achieve better energy levels and strengthening of health. Our external and internal organs, urogenital system, heart and circulation of the blood are not able to tune to maximal heat instantly, and that's why (as a sign of respect to the beloved self), one ought to heat oneself up gradually. For only in this manner will the natural healing process set in: the sweat removing various toxins and dirt from the body, will be going out through the skin; and the urogenital system, following the correctly conducted procedure, will in automatic mode smoothly continue to excrete them for two-three days.

Many people tend to eat dairy and fermented milk products: cheese, yoghurts, kefir etc. The over-consumption of such and other products leads to accumulation in the organism of milk acid and salt deposits. If you are staying in the steam room (or bathtub full of hot water) for a long time without preliminary preparation, no excretion of toxins out of the organism takes place. On the contrary, instead of breaking up, many breakdown products of the functioning organism begin to coagulate and precipitate, this way preventing the normal self-regulation and correct functioning of one's psycho-physical system. This might be the reason why some people who have spent considerable time in a bath-house (or in hot water) without smooth and gradual prior preparation, notice irritability, fatigue and do not feel well. That's why it is better to be guided by common sense and prepare the organism towards experiencing extreme heat stage by stage, instead of its gross physical abuse. And after one to one and a half hours, after a preliminary warm-up and massage preparation coupled with short-term warmings, one will be able to relax in the steam room (or hot water bath) for as long as he or she wants, because the organism will already have received sufficient time to gradually enter the healing process.

If a person has some cardiovascular condition or other forms of severe illnesses, this should not become a reason to give up on hot baths and sauna, because the correct approach not only does not endanger one's organism, but on the contrary, facilitates its healing and rejuvenation. In cases like this, the time spent in a steam room or hot bath in the initial stage needs to be reduced by at least one half. And as one starts to feel increasingly better as a result of the organism's self-cleansing from poisonous toxins and slags, one can gradually enter the normal routine of a standard procedure. Its description starts from the next paragraph.

Having rinsed the bath broom (or bath brooms) in cold water and then shaken off the water, place the broom (or brooms) in an empty wash-basin, which then needs to be filled to the top by hot water and covered from the top by another empty wash-basin to get ready for the preparation of infusion. It will be used later on for washing of the body, as well as other procedures. The following can be used for preparation of the infusion at home: hay, straw, non poisonous dried herbs, green leaves and tree buds, nettle, branches of conifer, etc. In order to prepare a concentrated decoction or infusion, they need to be placed in the bucket, and after adding water the mix needs to be brought to a boil. The infused decoction will later be used in the bath after it is emptied from the water used during the preliminary procedures to wash yourself.

For a start, the whole body needs to receive some heat in the steam-room or bath filled with hot water for two-three minutes. Then, while being in a pre-heat room, i.e. before-the-strong-heat compartment of the bath house or sauna (or outside a hot bath), grasp the left hand wrist with considerable strength with the palm of the right hand and by rotational movements turn the left hand out of the tight right hand grip, whilst thoroughly limbering up the wrist, palm and left hand fingers in doing so. Then, in the same sequence the same actions need to be followed with the other hand. Then one needs to thoroughly knead and alternately massage the left and right shoulders. What starts next is more detailed work with the left hand, by starting up with warming up, powerful movements beginning from the shoulder muscles and ending up with the fingertips. Then, having mutually warmed up the palms and fingers of both hands, shake the invisible energetic dirt off them in a whip-like movement. After this, repeat this whole warming up sequence with the right hand.

Again, the whole body ought to be heated in the steam-room or hot water bath for two-three minutes. Then, while being in a pre-high-heat section (or outside a hot bath), energetically rub up the collar area of the forearm, thorax and abdomen muscles. Using the back of the hands clenched into one's fists, thoroughly massage the whole lumbar region of the back, paying particular attention to the paravertebral muscles, the spine, pelvis and kidneys. After that, once again mash the collar area of the forearm, and the back of the neck. Thoroughly massage the ears, facial muscles, and the neck by gently stroking it in the area of thyroid. Then, move on to a deep and full strength massage of the scalp. Upon completion of the scalp massage, continue to massage the back of the neck, gradually moving to its laryngeal part. This is so that by following it on the way down, you will be able to once again give a thorough massage to the thorax and abdomen muscles. Then, using the back of the hands clenched into fists, thoroughly massage the entire lumbar region of the back, giving special attention to the paravertebral muscles, the spine, pelvis and kidneys. After that, proceed to limbering-up of the buttocks and hips, not reaching the kneecaps. Most importantly, don't let your body cool down.

Warm yourself up during two-three minutes in the steam-room or hot water bath. Then, while in a pre-high-heat section (or outside a hot bath), start as quickly as possible to massage your knees, calves, and the bottom surface of the feet. Do so by actively involving into this process the toes, as if squeezing out of them and shaking off the tiredness, illnesses and negative energy accumulated in the body. Again, warm up all of your body in the steam-room or hot water bath for two-three minutes. Then, when in a pre-high-heat section (or outside a hot bath) , during five to ten minutes, thoroughly rub up the whole body until it is red with a coarse bast whisp or woolen cloth, beginning from the top of one's head and finishing with the endings of ones fingers and toes.

When one often gets short of breath when walking or running, when suffering causeless dizziness, holding bad posture and having frequent tingling sensations in the heart area, the sad fact can be stated that our skin, the largest excretory organ and also responsible for sensations, is not sufficiently protecting us. This leads to our premature ageing, despite a rather young age. In this case emphasis can be placed on the activation of the skin: and to prevent it from stretching out and to make it more elastic, it can be smeared with any oils of vegetable origin, into which a few drops of iodine and (if desired) a teaspoon of dry mustard are added. This mixture can then be used to rub the body with a bast whisp for 5-10 minutes. After that it needs to be washed up by a special soapy mix, consisting of liquid soap (or soap shavings) and three to five tablespoons of a creamy mixture of fresh apricots (or steam dried apricots) with the addition of two to four teaspoons of fish oil. (Fresh apricots may be replaced by the same volume of beetroot and carrot finely grated and mixed together in equal proportions.) The body can be washed a few times with a soapy solution like this, and then, when entering the steam room or the hot water bath again, you will feel like a different person. Then swimming in the pool or dousing with cold water would be an apt choice.

After all the pleasure you can indulge in beating yourself about with a bath broom (or brooms) in either a pre-heat room or in a steam room, or in the bath, having changed the old used water prior to that with new water combined with the pre-prepared medicinal infusion or decoction. For the same purposes various conifer and other natural medicinal concentrates that are always available from pharmacies can be used.

If you don't have a bath besom, you can use a 70 cm or so long cotton or terry towel instead. For this purpose, tie a knot at its end (or in the middle). As a result, you will have a great travel appliance that can be used not only for various striking techniques to reach any difficult to access areas, but also for massaging and rubbing of the whole body.

If you have learnt how to do everything correctly and become confident, it's time to move on to the next stage. While you are making progress, always remember that everything will more or less competently move forward if you always begin from the gradual warming up of the organism. Repetition Mother of Education!

So, having warmed up your body and completed self-massage, start working with your tongue on your gums by making various movements along their inner and outer surfaces. The point is that cleaning of the gums can only take place after your body has learnt to competently relax and take the waste products out of the organism, notwithstanding any illnesses. That is, you already can get rid of the stereotypes of thinking and fears on your own. Usually, everything is so blocked in the gums that even if you want to say something (of high value, in your opinion), you cannot physically do it because there is a stopper inside you that does not allow the inner source of the information to go out.

How, when, and why did the blockage of gums and psyche take place? It is all actually very simple, and it didn't happen in just one day. This is a consequence of many years and many centuries of old habits that had been worked into the automatism of intuition during not just one reincarnate life. Is it not the case that when you eat, you usually never offer and share food with the Higher powers?, - powers that let you have it, let alone mentioning the sense of simple gratitude for that. This is considered by Them as an ordinary theft, subject to severe punishment. You intuitively feel this and withdraw into yourself, locked like in a shell, having assumed the position of a pregnant virgin in the hope that everything will resolve and be restored by itself. But unfortunately, all of these are the groundless dreams of an uncontrolled presumptuous mind.

What and how do you eat? Is particular food good or harmful for you: in what amount and in which combination? You have a lot of foul language (even if it is only mentally) and indulge in hypocrisy. You like to give orders and lecture others, while at the same time you don't try to honestly and conscientiously fulfil even your direct duties. This is because you put manifestly overinflated rights foremost, and in the very last place you put maximally devalued moral-ethical values and responsibilities. This is even though everything has to be exactly opposite: Duties have to always take the first place, and the Rights - which follow out of these Duties, belong in the last place. Any breach of the Cosmic Laws and Legitimacy gradually block the normal work of the psyche and organism on all planes and sub-planes of the Being. This is so as to avoid larger karmic troubles that would inevitable lead the human to a sad ending. But when the gums start returning to the right state, you will feel what and how you need to eat. That is, the body and psyche will acquire the selectiveness not only in the choice of food, but will begin analysing all your acts, even in words.

It will take at least a month for the toxins in the gums to go away. Then one needs to move on to cleansing of the lacrimal sacs. We continue with warming up as previously outlined, but now also add massaging of the gums. Then follows the work with the lacrimal sacs. It will take 5-7 minutes for each eye. Wink with one eye in such a way as if you were pulling up its lacrimal sac, by involving into this work the muscles of that side of the body with which you work. This will include the muscles of the cheeks, scalp, ear and even the neck, but only from the side of the winking eye. Then move on in the same sequence to work on the other eye, by involving into work the corresponding groups of muscles, and work for 5-7 minutes. Most importantly, strictly adhere to the time factor during the work of all the body muscles on the side of the active eye. This complex can be repeated 2-3 times. Such synchronous work of the eyes and the muscles connected with them will allow you to get rid of headaches and relieve fatigue from the eyes, while at the same time activating functions of the brain and the whole organism. This will help you to become more energetic and agile in life, for you will always have time to age. It will take about a month to master and adapt this eye complex to yourself.

Next, after joining up all previously learned techniques into one group, let's add to them knowledge about sleep. It is a misconception about life that one can only truly live, work and breathe when awake in the daytime (or night-time). One needs to learn to consciously live and self-develop around the clock. So, after you finish with all the procedures, which by now probably take less time than before, sit down into pleasantly hot water and stay there in a half asleep state, leaving aside all the troubles of the day, misfortunes and all kinds of desires. In other words, while in a pleasant drowse, free up your mind and body from everything that took place during the day. Feel on the left side, in the shoulder area, everything that is on the right side. And on the left, below the waist, observe everything that is situated above the head. Underneath your feet, have a good look at everything that is behind the back. And behind the back - everything that is in front of the chest.

Then, change the position in which you were before. Sit up straight; let the head fall down automatically. In this position, sense all the changes that took place in the body. In this position, like a scientific investigator, analyse and discover inside yourself the hidden opportunities of a spiritual and physical transformation. That by itself manifestly helps to stop the aging process in you. This is because energies of different kinds, like music, start to freely surround you and flow throughout your whole body, refreshing and rejuvenating it. Now you will need to also learn how to put into action the untapped reserves and capabilities of your restored organism. Forget all the mental stereotypes and stamps that you live badly: that there are many misfortunes and messes in life. Sit up straight. Straighten your back. Slowly lift up your bowed head, and smile to yourself while closing and opening your eyes and keeping them in each phase for a few seconds. In this position you have lower chakras (psychic centres) activated for productive work. Once again relax, this time in a semi-lying position and, having closed your eyes, feel the pre-sleep state, in which you will begin to fill yourself with fresh energy.

By slowly lifting up your head and slowly closing and opening your eyes, straighten up your back. Now you know from your own experience that you have become another man. By filling yourself with new forms of knowledge and energies and through consciously observing this process, you are already beginning to understand that you live not only for the sake of someone else, but also for yourself. When in this state, you know that in order to restore high capacity of all your functions, what is needed is not only physical and massaging techniques, but also qualitatively new Knowledge and Energies. And then, when transitioning to normal sleep, you will be acutely aware that conscious sleep - is one of the most active forms of the evolutionary development of a human, and not of an amorphous jellyfish-like state. That will inescapably lead to conscious behaviour even in a sleep.