1. Prelude
  2. Cosmic Relaxation


Teach your body to correctly relax, so that to enable more gradual and safe transition to the Second System of Cosmic Control (that is to master on your own, without any kind of teachers and mentors, Cosmic Relaxation), and you will learn a lot from the phenomenal world of truly existing reality. One should become familiar with any meditative techniques always in parallel with a complex of cleansing procedures, for it is recommended to pour a new contents only into a clean vessel.

Before going to sleep lie with your back down on the flat surface without a pillow, arbitrarily placing legs and arms on different sides. Initially the body may not like this pose: it may want to bend the knees, or lie sideways curling up. Let it be so. One may also sit down on a bed or sofa and lean one's back against something, and relax in such a position. The body will decide by itself at which moment it should lie down and sleep.

There is no time limit for such meditations, but if you are meditating in the morning, set the alarm clock to an earlier time so that not to be late for work. Try not to think about anything, but if the thoughts are visiting you, do not develop them but rather just neutrally observe them. They will leave you by themselves when they are not given energy replenishment. Make no resistance to any bodily movements. Give to your organism a total freedom for its emancipation. Do not impede the inner awakening of the energies of various kinds, to the contrary, artificially help them by a few oscillatory movements of the hips, and later on the energies themselves will begin making their way to their freedom, simultaneously urging the organism to vibrate and do various bodily movements. In doing so, nothing should be resembling a happy yogi or zen-buddhist corpse.

All types of energies in a human body during their awakening and at a time of psychophysical cleaning of the organism, usually, begin their motion from the hips, raising up and then disappearing in the fathomless cosmic space. Artificially help them in that pushing them by your hips to start working. Not far off is the time when you will feel and really sense the penetrating of you informational channels, and your tongue will attempt to whisper something. Initially any gibberish may pass through, but later conscious words and even the whole phrases, which could be fixated using dictaphone or paper, will appear. Use this moment to the maximum extent.

╩Every biorobot of a "Man" system is an individual one, for he works for the technical needs of his starry-galactic cloister. That's why comprehensible to his understanding and spiritual growth multiplane informations are passing through each of them. Owing to that, one can receive a corresponding consultation or watch a psychic movie, be it even a holographic one if necessary.

In the relaxed bodily state under positive thinking at the initial stage of evolutionary development many negative energies (that people refer to as evil eye, spoilages, curses, evil spirits, devils etc. etc.) will begin to gradually weaken and leave the body, which will attest to the fact that they are no longer receiving the energy for their parasitic subsistence at the expense of their breadwinner, while having preparing a starry-galactic fuel out of him.

One can meditate having tuned himself to the specific illnesses or situations that disturb you. For example, tell yourself that you want to do some work with your high or low blood pressure, the liver, obesity, in regard to the matters of business or family life and so on. Depressions, nostalgia, nervous disorders and worries of all sorts, having got into the commuting center (that is into the middle of the thorax) as a rust eat away the heart. (In all yogical tractates a Commuting center is mistakenly described as Anahata chakra. In reality though, because of its brittleness and for the purposes of additional safety, the heart chakra is situated on the right side of the body, and during the meditation on the left side under the heart only its mirror reflection point can be felt, but not the chakra itself.) Through the commuting centre of a human a karmic communication takes place with all the worlds and Universes (in all visible and invisible forms in all manifestations of life) along the whole line of cause-effect starting from the atom in which the growing consciousness (or soul) was initially placed up until the present incarnation.

As if through invisible golden threads the energy currents of different polarities pulse through it. And if for some reason the contact has been cut off, every person feels that in his own way, but unidirectionally. For example, he suddenly may decide that he is haunted by a continuous series of misfortunes and troubles that will never end, even though this is just a mere variety of some polarity that was next in turn, at which he got stuck by giving it his personalized colouring. But any polarity always has its double-antipode, regardless of whether you like that or not. That's why when you are meditating in a bad mood, make sure to put into work the second polarity. Recall some joyful episode from your life and add it to the meditation. Such a cocktail made out of antipodes will give you, as if you were a float, an opportunity to sense the way out of energy currents of two mutually exclusive polarities, which with all that going on will spur each other into their manifestation and mutual destruction, for they are a whole substance and cannot exist separately for the satisfaction of a human stupidity.

By employing the right meditative technique the consciousness will gradually learn to be in a neutral state, that is in the golden mean all are just talk profusely about but in reality do not know what it is. The same meditative grip should be applied in relation to unrestrained revelry, thoughtless state of being in love and euphoria, which are bound to be followed by the same periods of depressive, decadent and suicidal moods. That's why any emotional energy currents of different polarities should be let through in the neutral state of mind via the commuting centre. But since you still cannot bring this meditative technique into automatism of intuition, to any emotional splash, even be it the foremost good one (so as to avoid the boomerang motion of the pendulum of polarities), without fail you should artificially add something from the antipode polarities: the sense of a quarrel, insult or some other mentally-emotional trick of your choice. Transform such meditations into the form of a game so that you could learn how to choose a double-antipode to match with lightning speed any energy current. That will enable the organism, while in a playing mode, to fortify the golden mean state and always be in the neutral state of mind amidst roaring ocean of the world of human passions, and that, in turn, will help to objectively and painlessly solve any worldly and spiritual problems without sustaining severe karmic injuries.

One can keep on learning to relax anywhere: in the transport, whilst waiting on a bus or trolleybus stop etc. etc. When the body will start cleaning itself from the toxins and entities that parasitize on it, unpleasant smells, colics in the stomach, itch throughout the whole body or in the head, as well as other symptoms may appear because the organism will actively begin to get rid of accumulated piles of rubbish hindering its correct functioning. As a result of that one will have to reconsider his attitude to food, and constantly harden himself physically and psychically under the thorough observation of moral-ethical norms of the being. Pour over yourself a cold water or take a contrast shower as frequently as you can. The easiest way to learn a real (but not yogistic one) relaxation technique is to do it under the direction of Enlightened Master, but everything can also be mastered on your own, if maximum attention and efforts are put into that.

If you are working on the lower chakras, then such meditations will help you to go up the spiritual staircase and get acquainted with stage-by-stage situated Knowledges and Psycholayers of the Creator of Universes. Upon its awakening, the energy, as if a golden thread, will strive to rise up to Sahasrara, so as to dissolve through it in the Open Cosmos.

This chakra is situated above the head's crown. Through this chakra the Creator (or his administration) accomplishes his planned work with his representatives working in a manifested form on the planets of Earth type. For instance, one of such typical representatives of the elite strata of the Supermind, who carry out his mission and communicate with the Open Cosmos via Sahasrara, is Sat Guru Avatar Majtreya. Every man must endeavour to become a Creator of Universes, by competently using his crude physical body with all its fields-shells for this purpose. It is most judicious to become through persevering gladiator fights of the First among the Equals an Absolute, and not a starry-galactic fuel on a self-service or construction site debris. It is better to eat sugar rather than to be it!

The evening relaxation is alike an inhalation, as if we are getting energy for the forthcoming nightly vigil of the mind, and in the morning we exhale everything that we managed to consciously neutralize and annihilate during a deep sleep, in doing so not letting any uncontrolled manifestations of mental turbulences and their projections. That is not permitting outside starry-galactic strangers and spongers, who are preparing out of us a starry-galactic fuel on the self-service, access to our energy base. In other words, we are learning to be conscious even during the sleep. Though we must implement the same meditative procedure into our life, that way not permitting a utilitarian mind - the only class enemy and executioner of the whole humanity, to be a burden to us. Over time, such meditations allow to cognize that all the thoughts (without any exception) ) have a living form and parasitize on our pitch dark stupidity.


(Exercises for developing and strengthening of Conscience)

Drugs-free medicine of the future Golden Age - is one of the elements of practical use of Cosmic Relaxation. Positive thinking, purification procedures combined with different kinds of short-term fasting and Cosmic Relaxation make up the main moments to successfully get rid of cancer, radiation poisoning, AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes and other similar byproducts of humankind civilization, giving that most extreme and neglected conditions were not reached yet. Cosmic Relaxation - is the only key for spiritual and physical survival of the whole humanity. That is why for the first time it is being given to it as exercises for developing and strengthening of Conscience for selfhealing from the most incurable, from modern medicine point of view, diseases.

Cosmic Relaxation extends and complements to infinity any forms of modern knowledges, turning them into obsolete later on. All psychophysical achievements of the mankind - is a zero evolutionary reference point in learning the basics of Cosmic Wisdom. That is why they should be left aside as a useless garbage that humpers a spiritual progress. All the earthly knowledges are too insignificant before the Wisdom of Open Cosmos Omniscience. They can serve only as ABC-book for elementary school, not more than that. However, to read all the books of the world, it is necessary at least to learn the alphabet.

Cosmic Relaxation - is an automatic situational use for the sake of others of knowledge of yoga, dance, karate, massage and acupuncture techniques, and also an opportunity to receive direct answers on scientific and technical questions at the level of intuition during the seances of communication with other worlds and psycholayers of the Universes, and much much more not listed above. That is, a man who is able to use this technique and is living (like a Sun) for others, as if becomes the Symbol of the Supermind Omniscience.

Besides, Cosmic Relaxation is an efficient tool to cope with the offenders of Cosmic Laws, and it's extremely cruel upon its manifestation. For it with lightning speed reacts outside the theatrical stages on any forms of thought-attacks and, having many times strengthened them, returns them back to the sender, according to the principle "You shall reap what you sow." If you sow the wind, you will reap the storm! That's an excellent educational tool to contend with killer activity, terrorism and any forms of a government-backed and common racket. Soon the whole population of the planet stage by stage will be able to have felt the efficiency of Kindness and Selfsacrifice as the Highest Initial Form of Cosmic Cruelty on it's own back. The Cosmic Relaxation offers unlimited opportunities in both peaceful and military-economic spheres. The progress depends on the might of a positive potential being cultivated, for the Moral-Ethical Communism forms the foundation of the Supermind.

Before starting any kinds of spiritual practice, for additional safety it is necessary to undergo a course of cleansing procedures. Where the dry fasting combined with positive thinking is the same preventive measure for the soul and the whole organism as cleaning of a nose, stomach and intestines, as a contrast shower and the sun baths... By purifying from parasitic entities and toxins, the mind, soul and body are becoming more sensitive to work on the intuition plane: they acquire flexibility, fluidity and maneuverability in perceiving the outside world in truly existing reality. Besides, it is recommended to put a new content only into a clean vessel.

Relaxation sessions always begin with the Multibeam sun exercise "Peace, Happiness to All!" for burning-through the egospheres, and also a prayer-reminder (a moral-ethical tuning and exercices for strengthening and developing of the Conscience). What follows is the work with the first half of the boomerang phrase "Peace, Happiness to All! - Be Happy Yourself!" This will later on facilitate an undestanding in practice that "Happiness of the surrounding world - is my Happiness, and its pain and suffering - is my Grief!" Only the first part of the phrase is used for work, while one mentally irradiates from the middle of the chest a white colour light with gold into all directions. It is desirable to work with mantra having resonantly tuned oneself through the prayer in unison with the energy current of corresponding psycholayer of the Universe.

The prayer is a unification with currents of certain frequencies and amplitudes of vibrations that resonantly correspond to similar to them cosmic psycholayers. The verbal tuning and work with mantra must be done in such a way that one could feel the influence of the energetic current of Open Cosmos. That is followed by going over to Cosmic Control and a calm observation of all bodily acts without interfering into its actions. Only a passive control is required, not more than that. That gives an opportunity to commute and in accelerated manner build up the consciousness in evolutionary direction.

Otherwise, if a man is cheating using the words as a smokescreen, he will be commuting himself into the direction of his secret, true wish. And if he sends a negative impulse towards others wishing them evil and misfortune, either in this or in consequent incarnations he will himself reap its strengthened fruits - owing to additionally received and misdirected spiritual energy of the Open Cosmos, that is not directed towards the well-being of everything living and suffering.

Therefore a prayer - a mental tuning to its level of spirituality and confluence in it with the certain Psycholayers of the Universe - is the most effective weapon on the way to the Supermind. To make it most effective use it's absolutely necessary to create the needed coherent, unison state of one's soul and a Cosmic Energetic Current, so as having united with it become One Whole.

After a general wish to all of peace and happiness along the six directions from the middle of the chest (because all people are emotionally commuted with each other, through their hearts, via karmic interrelations central switchboard) it is easy to come into a contact with souls and hearts of the people of similar level of development. In case of accelerated individual spiritual growth the level of common to all mankind Consciousness also respectively rises. It's as if a man is walking up or down the stairs, in accordance with his secret inner prayer, and thus fast raising the type of consciousness he wants, at the same time dragging in its wake (up or down) the circle of likewise minded individuals with kindred spiritual vibrations.

Besides, the white rays with gold (or without it) enable piercing the shells-spheres in inner bodies and breaking through the strata layers of Ego by scorching tactics. Therefore after correct execution of a six-pointed cross "Peace, Happiness to All!" and burning out one's Ego with its rays a prayer or a verbal tuning to a respective emotional state follows. That is the prayer becomes as if a watchful reminder of what you're to do and in what direction to go for the right spiritual growth of a consciousness.

After preliminary emotional tuning (after a prayer - reminder) a real prayer - Mantra, follows. Thanks to its terseness it's easy to create for yourself and others the required energetic current of spirituality directed towards good of everything living and sentient being. Otherwise, the strength of a negative energy flow fixed and strengthened in Nirvana will bring a corresponding karmic fruit to its author. (Nirvana - Vishudha-chakra is the center of karmic memory of all actions, thoughts and wishes of a man.)

If you consciously enter the current, mantra can be left alone. For the main purpose of mantra, beside its prayer function, is to stop the work of thought.

The personal energy of man must be directed toward the well-being of the surrounding world and his individual spiritual growth. Alternatively, the soul will slide down the involutionary path of development. Cultivate in yourself a positive thinking. This is extremely important at the initial stage of evolution.

Individual and group relaxation sessions start with the Multibeam sun exercise "Peace, Happiness to All!" with your body being in a natural relaxed state.

  1. From the middle of the chest one mentally sends a white ray with gold, forward, away from oneself and into the infinity wishing:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  2. Then backwards, away from oneself and into the infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  3. Now to the left away from oneself and into infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  4. Then to the right, away from oneself and into infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  5. Now - upwards (into the sky), away from oneself and into infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  6. Then downwards (into the ground), away from oneself and into the infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  7. Then - Multibeam Sun - "Peace, Happiness To All!!!!!!" in fiery with gold arrows from the middle of the chest and into the infinity with a mental wish along all the directions simultaneously:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!
  8. At the end of the exercise one mentally sends a fiery with gold ball (the Sun) from the middle of the chest and into the infinity:
    Peace, Happiness To All!!!

After completing the Multibeam Sun exercise "Peace, Happiness To All!!!", the prayer-reminder - Moral-Ethical Setting for strengthening of Conscience.



Eternal Memory and Glory
To Moral-Ethical Communism,
Founded on the Truth:
"Peace, Happiness To All! ľ Be Happy Yourself!"
When Happiness of the surrounding world - is my Happiness,
And its pain and suffering - is my Grief!
And the Law of Self-Sacrifice,
For the sake of its observance and realization,
Voluntarily becomes the meaning of
Existence and development
Not only for me,
But also all evolving Universes.
Let all my life and activity
Always and in everything I do be directed to the wellbeing of
The Planet, Humanity and
The Whole Open Cosmos!
Eternal Memory and Glory
To Moral-Ethical Communism,
Founded on the Truth:
"Peace, Happiness To All! ľ Be Happy Yourself!"

After the tuning to Moral-Ethical Setting for strenthening and developing of Conscience we begin continuous, as intense as possible, non-stop work with the first part of the boomerang phrase "Peace, Happiness to All! - Be Happy Yourself!", by either saying it to yourself or whispering so as not to disturb the others: "Peace, Happiness to All! - Peace, Happiness to All! (and so on), - in an emotional expressive manner along the circle, with constant irradiation from oneself, like a Sun, of a white light with the gold (one can keep his eyes either open or shut as he wishes). The mantra should sound extrovertly in any language or dialect of the planet, with its meaning being: "Peace, Happiness to All!!!" (For example, it can be as a phonetic combination: "AUM PADME HUM! - AUM PADME HUM!" and so on.) What's most important is to stick to a one core thought in a circle: "Peace, Happiness to All!!!" - and let your body in a natural, liberated and relaxed state to perform any actions, without harming yourself and the others.

When working with mantra for a long time, stick to it as if your whole life depended on it if various thoughts and doubts would begin haunting you, because throughout all this time the negative entities, your parasites, would hamper you. Moreover, they can paralize you body in convulsions, cramps, and so on. Fear not. This is a normal phenomenon. It will go away upon completion of the exercises.

This is your personal "wealth" that was accumulated during your many previous lives, not just one. Jesus Christ referred to such parasitizing on your entities-consciousnesses as "demons". Don't feel sorry on parting with them. They will be back in greater numbers upon the first provided by you opportunity. All that's needed is the energy - their nutrient medium. They exist thanks to negative energies, emotions, feelings and thought-wishes that you irradiate and cultivate. It is their bread. You are their bread-winners and sugar, which they eat up, while preparing a starry-galactic fuel out of yourselves. So don't pity them, for they will not pity you.

One had better practice Cosmic Relaxation with accompanying music, 3-4 times a day, at least 30-40 minutes at a time. Besides, you can work with mantra around the clock in any place you may find suitable and convenient, the main point is not allowing the mind, negative emotions and wishes to function. It can be any kind of music if you are exercising at home. If there is also a vocal, it would be better if it is in some "foreign", unknown to you language, so as not to provoke the thoughts and their projections.

The order of exercises:

  1. "Multi-beam Sun - Peace, Happiness to All!!!";
  2. prayer-reminder for for strenthening and developing of Conscience;
  3. work with mantra "Peace, Happiness to All!" (AUM PADME HUM!!) with accompanying music or without it in combination with arbitrary running or walking on "R-breathing" with postexhalation "HA". The most important is to give one's body a total freedom under the complete absence of the thoughts, wishes, doubts and emotions of a negative character;
  4. exercises must always be concluded with a prayer-reminder for strenthening and developing of Conscience and construction of Multibeam Sun - "Peace, Happiness to All!!!"
  5. in the end remain in a quite, relaxed state for another 5-10 minutes. Perhaps you will have your psychic channels cleaned, you may receive the energy-massage or you may be given some information necessary for your spiritual growth. Do not hasten away: one must hurry up slowly and with conscious awareness.