1. Dry Fasting
  2. Energetic nourishment


Any biorobot of a "Man" type is not originally intended to take up crude material food for its ideal functioning. But in exceptional cases it is possible, when spiritual level of the surrounding people is low. So as to avoid a premature physical death or severe injury during various contacts with suchlike neanderthals who are situated on brutish cave dweller level in their spiritual development, which practically is a characteristic feature for almost all inhabitants of the Earth globe. This is especially dangerous in current situation under the dominant prevalence of criminal medicine which completely destroys spiritual core of the humankind. For example, in Russia not a single person is insured against jail, being reduced to beggary, and mental house, not mentioning the other methods of influence over psyche and ecological conditions. And what's especially dangerous is the medical aspect during forcible action on deeply sensitive person, especialy when he is at some stage of the dry fast. That may lead to a lethal or some other sad outcome, leaving incurable physical or psychic trauma for the whole life. In which connection dry waterless fasting will be to blame for everything.

While undergoing the purification procedures, one should gradually move on to two vegetarian meals a day, so as to later on go over to one meal a day, which is a norm to any man of sense. That is to initially give up breakfasts, and further on also the lunches, having one meal a day at the end of a working day, which by itself will save a lot of precious time that can be directed to a well-being of the surrounding world. What is new for you is a fundamentally forgotten old.

Having accomplished a crude material cleaning of the physical body and having performed few short-term training fasts on water for strengthening cardiovascular system, it is time to move on to dry fasting, that is fasting without taking food and water inside the organism. This drastically facilitates functioning of the skin, which simply does not perform its duties for the case of an ordinary person.

Dry fasting is, first of all, an intensive religious work, intended for cleaning of the body and soul from parasitizing there entities, which also serves for reinforcing the willpower and for increasing the power of positive thinking on the initial stage of evolution. Dry fasting is at least 2-3 times more efficient than a water one and does not have its negative after-effects. One has to start dry fasting from 10-15 days for strengthening the willpower and self-confidence. In the process of spiritual growth the duration of dry fasting can be gradually increased up to 40 days and more.

The dry fasting evenly burns up using all the organs of a body everything unsuitable for its evolution, not only on a mechanical plane, but also a spiritual one. For after minimum of 7-10 days the negative entities, feeling their end under the absence of food, start leaving you. This is especially true if during that time you are also intensively working with a mantra-prayer "Peace, Happiness to All!" while sitated in mundane bustle amidst negative vibrations generated by people. This is where the entities parasitizing on you easily find for themselves kindred agglomerations where they can go. For they can not stand the dry fasting and positive vibrations of "Peace, Happiness to All!" type emitted by you. Even more so if you back all that by your positive deeds and actions, which should be taken to the stage of unconditional reaction in all the check-up trials offered to you by life. During carrying out of dry fasting it is only allowed to rinse and wash the mouth, nose and whole body for more thorough cleansing of the organism from the excreting toxins, as well as for strengthening functioning of the skin. Exit from the dry fasting is made on natural juices and raw eggs, with gradual addition of a dairy-vegetarian diet.

An approximate exit from the fifteen days of dry fasting:

Starting from the eighth day of coming out of the dry fast, a dairy-vegetarian diet can be bit-by-bit added to the natural juices and raw eggs. Most importantly, do not overeat and do not lose you human dignity when exiting fasting. In case of experiencing some objections from the organism's side have a 2-3 days rest from taking meals, keeping yourself on pure water and purification procedures, then continue exiting the fast with a gradual transfer to two meals a day. After 15-20 days of recovery period one can go over to one meal a day or again repeat the whole fifteen days cycle of dry fasting, following by a corresponding exit from it.

On the next stage of dry fasting for 21 day (and longer) the technique of carrying it out is slightly changing: after the 15 days of dry fasting for each consecutive week the stomach wash is added (on the 1st and 4th days of the week) for its self massage (one procedure at a time). It does not affect the dry fasting much, since after 15-20 days of dry fasting the organism simply gets out of the habit of taking the water inside through the stomach. When exiting the consequent lengthened stages of dry fasting, at a first day of the recovery period a natural juice diluted in half with water is used. At other days everything is repeated according to the described above scheme. Many people who are dry fasting adore to visit the steam baths for more intensified cleaning of the organism from the excreting toxins. Psychohygienic potentials of the dry fasting are inexhaustible!


All informational currents must freely penetrate the body, all cosmic knowledges must be perceived by it, but not by mind. They are not a subject of analysis, they must uninterruptedly flow through a neutrally tuned and relaxed body that works on the Second System of Cosmic Control. It must be worthy of truly spiritual knowledges being directed at it. Only purified body and clean channels can consciously perceive such levels of vibration and knowledges, inaccessible for common folk. This is because they require special durability and cleanness of a physical body and psychic channels for a normal supply of biomachine of a "Man" type with energetic food. Which by itself requires lengthy preparation. It can be achieved by regular dry fasts in conjunction with Cosmic Relaxation, under utterly positive thinking on the initial stage of evolutionary development.

Only cleansed from parasitizing on the body thoughts-and-wishes, which all without exception have a living form, consciousness can painlessly assimilate and pass them through his bioapparatus in the state of pure cosmic conductor, like Buddha, Christ etc., to subordinate structures. Without such fluidity, a spiritual food that possesses increased destructive force for unprepared people, may clog up all channels, in the likeness of chronic constipation, but in more severe form. Upon complete congestion and impassability of psychic channels as though inner explosion of the consciousnesses and their descent from evolutionary path takes place, not mentioning the possibility of a lethal outcome upon neglecting spiritual safety practices. Therefore those from Above intentionally never give true energetic nourishment to in the slightest degree unprepared people. For one person - it is Life, for another one - Death!

The ascesis must be justified and be of use to all living and sentient beings. Even if the consciousness goes towards the Highest through asceticism, but it is directed at strengthening one's own ego, this consciousness is simply engaged in acts of common human stupidity and soul's self-destruction. Every deed must have a rationale and serve the Highest and His Ideals. Each thought of a human must have a sacrificial loading. That's why one should develop in himself only those areas that generate it. All the rest should either be simply burned or left alone by casting it aside. It will self-destroy on its own. Only in the state of Buddha, when all the notions of a body are obliterated (importantly, if all that is realized in practice by hunger and cold and serves the others), the consciousness is able to let pass the fields of death and work for the Highest. In all other cases it is doomed to a sure death.

By its inner state a man is like Pandora's box. The longer it is in contact with fine spiritual energies, the more of parasitizing on his organism entities are coming out of him, when ego strata are unleashed and moral-ethical qualities at the initial stage of evolutionary development are build up. For that reason during the work with groups of people, or when they practice the technique of Cosmic Relaxation individually (this is especially noticeable on 7-10th days of dry non-water fasting), the so-called expulsion of demons occurs. For they cannot stand a prolonged dry fasting and positive or neutral psychophysical state of a person. That inspires average man from the street with fear and horror. It seems to him that this is something abnormal and is some sort of charlatanism. Or that can only happen with other people, but not with himself.

In fact, all people on the planet, without any exceptions, are crammed with such entities, or demons. Practically any man who became familiar with the practice of Cosmic Relaxation and technique of Dry Fasting, under positive or neutral state of mind, can on his own pull out of himself and show to the world such handsome creatures. That by itself is a normal working moment that attests to man's spiritual progress. This is an ordinary state of a person who in the throes liberates himself from this or that sponger, which prepares starry-galactic fuel out of his host. This is a normal work over oneself. Moreover, the further a man moves on spiritual path, the more powerful and serious beasts of an unknown world start coming out of him. Every other time it will be increasingly more difficult to make it. That in no way should frighten those practicing Cosmic Relaxation and technique of Dry Fasting, or those who see other people in this condition. One should treat this ordinary phenomenon perfectly calmly and be glad for those people who managed to part with at least some amount of predatory hanger-ons, which prepare out of them a starry galactic fuel.

We stuff ourselves with various entities of invisible world not during just one life, and keep procreate and multiply them till now, feeding them by our thoughts-and-wishes and lifestyle. Any human community single-mindedly and wittingly feeds up and reproduces varied vampires that are present not only in the man himself, but also in all that surrounds him and where he puts his thoughts-and-wishes upon. And since all the thoughts and wishes have a living form, then we unnoticeably for ourselves embed the living forms of every sort and kind into everything where we direct our thoughts and wishes. As they have indissoluble vibration-relational bond with us (as with their generators and forebears) and with their true homes, through this navel-string they begin to draw from us energy for the needs of their starry-galactic systems, gradually de-energizing and bringing us to a sad life's final. That inevitably brings to destruction not just one man, but whole earthly communities and civilizations which generate and cultivate various forms of thoughts and wishes. In that way, an ignorant society produces and breeds what will later destroy it itself.Stupidity of a humankind - is its greatest punishment.

This starry-galactic arrivals, whether we like it or not, conquer the right to life and existence next to us. We ourselves produced this symbiosis, the invisible representatives of which also begin grouping so as to strengthen their influence over a human for more productive work for the needs of their starry-galactic systems. Having been urged to leave a bread-winner, any entity can easily return to the former nutritious meal they used to consume, if only it will be offered such high society courtesy from the side of a self-conceited fool. Moreover, this time it will come back not alone, but escorted by other bloodsucking lovers of freebies, as soon as a former owner will feel sad about its absence. Vampires of the invisible front move back into a human much faster and in immeasurably greater numbers than leave him.

People often tend to get together into diverse groups and association of like-minded people, who are unable to competently use for their spiritual development a biomachine of "Man" system. That brings about sad and uncontemplated karmic consequences. The bigger and more well-grown a team of makers and generators of various ideas and kindred interests, the stronger and more powerful nourishment of assorted hanger-ons of an invisible front takes place. A natural course of such activity of the parasites is a boosted degradation of the host bread-winners when they incorrectly use biomachines of "Man" kind.

Big agglomeration of negative entities is present amidst people suffering from different illness. What's more, the less man start literately fight for his life and the less he is using for that a sacrificial volitional impulse, the more he promotes the development within himself of a feeding ground for reproduction and multiplication of a number of various illnesses and negative entities. For them he is a kind of magnet of incubation type for their further spread. Thanks to that he can continually increase and distribute over the planet previously unknown diseases and epidemics not through viruses and various kinds of infections, but through entities of every sort and kind. As a result of that they, gradually overfilling by themselves a mental space of the Earth, materialize themselves and appear among spiritually and physically weakened part of its population. A man can have absolutely no contact with sick people. But only a thought that one or another sickness (that has no relationship to his present condition) can turn out to be contagious, attracts to itself similar accumulations of starry-galactic newcomers. And they can at any moment bless him by this or other even more severe disease. Such burial grounds-incubators of negative entities can also be found among people engaged in military-industrial establishments. Where the dominant ideas of aggression, war and violence, following the principle of likeliness, relation, resonance, on their own automatically build up similar or even worse by their destructive properties demons. And they, having grouped together, are able to noxiously decompose and destroy from within any technogenic civilization, as well as the whole modern morally decayed society.