1. Energetic running and walking
  2. Running on a sonic "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation
  3. Spiritual work on a fitball
  4. Energetic Shower - Namaz
  5. Mini-stadium


Energetic running or walking goes at an arbitrary pace and in à strictly individualised rhythm. For people who attempt to practice all kinds of spiritual practices, the rhythm can be set by the non-stop, circularly resonating, affirmative phrase: "GOD, THE UNIVERSE - IS ME! I - AM GOD!" Those who do not practice spiritually and only need to strengthen their health, can use the more simple and down to earth phrases: "Hunger and Cold! Extend Life!"; "EAT LESS FOOD — LESS FOOD TO EAT!" - or its more rude and accessible equivalent "NO NEED TO GLUT — GLUT YOURSELF LESS!!!" In the beginning, it is better to rhythmically pronounce the affirmative phrase of your choice aloud or to yourself, mentally accentuating one's attention towards its inner meaning. For those who don't have a good command of the Russian language, it might be more simple to pronounce it in a loop in the following pattern: "AUM-NA! PAD - NA! AUM - NA!", without forgetting its intended meaning: "GOD, THE UNIVERSE - IS ME! I - AM GOD!"

One always has to remember and know: "MAN IS CREATED AND DESTINED FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF BECOMING A CREATOR OF UNIVERSES! This is the true meaning of his existence on Earth!" The energetic running has to go in a truly individualised rhythm either at a jog, or on one spot, or rotating around one's axis, in other words by turning around in various directions during this running or walking enhanced with energy. When rotating around one's axis, the hands go up above the head, and with their palms facing up form a kind of funnel-shaped cup, through which a constant current of a heady Energy from the Open Cosmos flows down, centers, and strengthens the whole organism and vestibular apparatus.

Affirmative energetic running is a kind of dynamic Qigong that, through regular training, allows to automatically open psychic channels and centers, without any additional meditative work targeting them. It enables one to run with the speed of a racehorse on steep slopes, even during lengthy Dry Fasting. By its effectiveness, affirmative energy-enhanced running or walking, is more strong and powerful than any prayer-mantra of the introverted type. Any mantra, or prayer-mantra, expressed through one phrase is, first of all, a single thought process - a certain defense from outside thoughts that are constantly attacking a person. The final aim of any mantra is to completely stop the work of the mind. Once this is achieved, one can confidently cast it aside as useless rubbish that prevents spiritual progress. Any mantra - is a temporary crutch for a breakthrough into the Lower Layers of the Omniscience of the OPEN COSMOS.


The basic technique of running with "R-R-R" sonic vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation is the same as when working with any affirmative phrase of with the pattern: "AUM-NA! PAD - NA! AUM - NA!". The body is relaxed as much as possible. The inhalation goes through the nose. Upon exhalation, a hard consonant "R-R-R.." goes out. A sonic "R-vibration" continues uninterruptedly up to the point when no breath is left. After that a harsh post exhalation of remaining in the lungs air with a sharp sound "HA" follows, with simultaneous (as a lash of a whip) throwing down of the energy (in any combinative sequences) through body's extremities.

Running on "R-vibration" with "HA" post exhalation drastically activates the nervous system, cures brain, cardiovascular and lung diseases, is an excellent tool for cleaning psychic channels and has no negative side effects, when used in moderation. One can jog along, run on one spot and run revolving around one's axis, that is rotating while running. What's most important is the continuity of pronouncing "R" plus an abrupt "HA" post exhalation accompanied by a chopping off of the energy through any parts of the body, while maintaining correct hands position when running or walking. The technique of "R-breathing" with "Ha" post-exhalation in combination with the first half of the mantra "Peace, Happiness to All! - Be Happy Yourself!" (more details are given in the section "Cosmic Relaxations") is also recommended for use during the walks.


[Note from the translator: this article needs to be used with the demonstrational video 'Friendly Advice (in Russian)' freely downloadable from this website (original explanations are in Russian).]

Many people don't quite understand dynamic Qigong based on prior affirmative mantric running. Or on a more powerful and also fundamental technique of running with "R-R-R" sonic vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation, or without it, as its more demanding or lighter version. When moving on the Second System of Cosmic Control it can be various other sound vibrations instead of "Ha" that are given from Above. One also needs to consider that all these techniques can be widely used in different random variants and combinations, because the technical capabilities of Cosmic Relaxation are limitless.

The draft sketches of work on the fitball have been recorded, even though it is boring and challenging from a technical point of view to record oneself on a video while running. Besides, it will be much easier for you to master dynamic Qigong on the Second System of Cosmic Control when practicing on a fitball and receiving the sensations of flying and freedom while doing so. Not to mention various movements of energy in the body of the runner: the same sensations that would be present during real running.

The fitball gives an opportunity for a work out, without leaving the room, for people with cerebral palsy and other illnesses. This also applies to people with various forms of disability, if they are initially provided with assistance by brethren more healthy at this moment. This will allow sufferers in real life to enrich themselves for others with spiritual knowledge and imperishable values, for the technical capabilities of the biomachine of Man type are limitless.

When working out outdoors is not an option, using a fitball allows to effectively practice a range of meditative techniques at home, while simultaneously addressing a lack of physical exercise. For routine daily work, a high quality durable Italy or Germany made fitball would be the best choice. A good fitball can easily withstand a 300 kg load. It never explodes or bursts, but simply deflates upon an accidental puncture. There is plenty of technical literature on this subject, and a plethora of sales consultants would be glad to see you as a customer. Therefore let's not focus attention on that further.

The very best theory must be based on the foundation of a practice. Therefore, having previously checked the draft sketches and carefully read the corresponding content in the section 'Cleansing Procedures', let's sit down on a fitball and, while bouncing on it, imitate the movements of hands as if during mantric running. At the same time we start work on the mantra: "GOD, THE UNIVERSE - IS ME! I - AM GOD!". This will enable you, apart from having a rhythmic basis, to more deeply delve into the meaning of Human existence on Earth. Truly, man is destined for just one purpose: to Become a Creator of Universes! Having accustomed yourself with the mantra "GOD, THE UNIVERSE - IS ME! I - AM GOD!" (or "Hunger and Cold! Extend Life!", or "EAT LESS FOOD — LESS FOOD TO EAT!", etc. etc.), we start to work upon the technique of running on a sonic "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation, simultaneously keeping a constant inner rhythm and a sense of flight in weightlessness.

After this, based on the foundations of previous exercises we start mastering work with an alternative phrase "AUM-NA! PAD - NA! AUM - NA!" in combination with the technique of running on a sonic "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation. In doing so, the sense of inner rhythm and flight in weightlessness remains unchanging.


The Energetic Shower in outward appearance resembles one of the fragments of Namaz, but in its intrinsic essence it has nothing in common with it. But because Namaz is a well established term, to people, it against one's will evokes certain visual associations connected with one of the Abrahamic religions, even though the energetic shower has no connection to the Muslim world. Energetic Shower, like Namaz - are only synonyms that have different internal and external notional meanings.

In Islam, there is a wonderful spiritual exercise for beginners under the symbolic name of Namaz-Prayer. But unfortunately, it is executed fundamentally incorrectly due to the violation of the basic Cosmic Law: "God, your will be done, yours but not mine! So be it!" It is so despite the fact that the very word "Islam" means Obedience – submissiveness to the will of the Most High, or Allah, to whom every believer, or a person on the path to Him, must give all his ideas, soul and body. This is so that He can, through the tests and trials of His Faith and Devotion to Him and His Ideals, help the testee to reach the tops of Cosmic Hierarchy, to become the Creator of Universes! For this is the meaning of Human existence on Earth!

This is achieved only by totally giving up, besides the soul, one's crude physical body with all its field-shells to the Higher. And then the Higher, through the etheric body, helps the crude physical body of a person to correctly function and by this means produce the needed energies. These energies can be stored in various Zones of the Creator of Universes for the person's accelerated spiritual growth along either evolution or involution, according to one's most secret prayers. For in this the Will of Man is Sacred!

It has to be considered that God does not need your prayers and verbiage - God needs you to become Him! This is because a man is created and destined only to Become the Creator of Universes, and not a pitiful parody of him.

God can give Freedom to a slave, but if the latter will not want to make use of it, let it be so! Love cannot be compelled. Even people who fell in love with each other are tested on Sincerity and Honesty of their intentions! What, then can be said about the trials and tests to which all applicants for the only place of the Creator of Universes are subjected!

The body of a man, which can be likened to a precious amphora intended for storing of the most sacred content, during the execution of Namaz resembles an ordinary dirty leather wineskin that needs to be thoroughly washed out and repeatedly rinsed, so that it can then be filled up with a divinely pure cosmic energy. Because one can pour something new and fresh only into a vessel empty and clean from any dirt. For one drop of tar spoils the whole barrel of honey.

The Energetic shower – Namaz, which can be used as a preliminary exercise for further spiritual development, appears to consist of three interconnected stage-by-stage dynamic elements, where all of them require an ideally relaxed state of body:

The first element - is sitting on the heels. In yoga, this posture is called the Diamond pose. It can be seen as a symbol of the vertical position of the wineskin-amphora that is to be filled up with the Divine Energy. But on this stage it is folded and empty, with its neck facing up. It is trembling with impatience awaiting the next steps.

On the second stage, the hands raise and widen the neck of the wineskin-amphora, through which an avalanche-like golden torrent of Cosmic Energy is pouring into it. It completely fills and overflows it. Then the final stage of transferring the Cosmic Energy through the human body to Mother Earth, follows. This energy will be directed to everything living that exists on the planet.

To facilitate this, on the third stage, the crown of the head touches the floor or ground, the hands are on both sides of the top of the head, and the buttocks lose touch with the heels, and lift up together with the body. The knees, palms of the hand, fingers, as well as the head remain pressed to the floor. This posture is called the Rabbit pose in yoga, it is a light version of a headstand for beginners. Visually it resembles an overturned wineskin-amphora with its neck down, through which the Cosmic Energy rushes down into the ground, gradually emptying the human body of itself and while doing so cleaning all its psychic centres and channels for more productive further work. The three-stage cycle of transferring Heavenly Energy through a human to the Earth ends with a clear benefit for him.

In all three stages, it is utterly important to follow the main Cosmic Law: "God, Your Will be done, Yours but not mine! So be it!" That is to put into practice, not just in words, Obedience - the main principle of Islam, by giving for this to the Creator of Universes not only a soul, but also a completely relaxed body so as to enable more complete and productive work with it.

This three-stage cycle of transfer of Heavenly Energy through a human to the Earth should be repeated at least 7 (as a minimum) or 10 times. One can repeat it even more times, but not less than seven times. It is so because every human has a varying amount of psychic centres, apart from seven main ones. To be precise, they don't exist in the physical body. In the physical body there are only corresponding points of their physical layout. However, the extra centres also need to be cleaned and unblocked.

After conducting the last Heaven-Earth cycle, one should lie flat, face down with arms extended alongside the body, palms up, and relax for 10-15 minutes, following the formula for relaxation "Mother-Earth and I merging into One!"

Dynamic Qigong and Namaz can be used as a separate technical unit when there is a shortage of time in the morning or in the evening. In the morning (after hygiene procedures, combinatory mantric running, Energetic Shower and ten minutes’ rest lying flat, face down, with arms along the body and palms up, according to the formula "I and Mother-Earth merge into One"), carry out the "Multi-beam Sun - Peace, Happiness to All!" exercise in a natural unfettered body state. After that, having read any prayer-reminder to enable more precise and consciously comprehended work with a mantra, continue to occupy yourself with any mantra of extroverted type to your liking in motion, wherever, whenever, and in any public places, when you are free. God is everywhere, even in the bathroom.

You will find time for everything, if you give up breakfasts and move on, for a start, to two meals a day. So as later on to choose one meal a day at the end of the working day, which is absolutely normal for any reasonable individual.

At night, after Namaz (Energetic Shower), one has to go to sleep straight away.

If you are working with mp3 files with sketches of lessons ¹1 and ¹2, that were recorded in 1983, in the prayer-reminder there are lines of text that are reduplicative. Each second one of them intentionally imitates a quiet voice of the future participant of meditation, while the first one, the more loud one, belongs to the author of the text. This particular style of presenting the material is a necessary measure, because at that time I did not know whether I would survive the arrest I anticipated, while the main text of the book had to be urgently saved not only in written form, but also in the form of records on audio cassettes with the preserved personal energy of those distant times.


Recently there has been a lot of talk about infectious kinds of mutating influenza. Flu infection is characterised by a speedy development of the illness which is much faster than that of any cold. It sometimes can lead to a lethal outcome. But if this illness is characterised by speedy qualities, then in this situation one has to fight fire with fire. And to achieve this goal, it is hard to come up with a better remedy than running with "R-R-R" sonic vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation. To use it, one will need an imaginary, or chalk-outlined running track — a kind of mini stadium with a central circle of just under one metre in diameter. Its radius should be approximately 40-45 cm. Such mini-stadiums can be created in any room, or in some place with fresh air outside. One has to run along the boundary of this circle on "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation, running hard notwithstanding any difficulties on the side of the mind and the body.

This is a kind of home centrifuge that, with the help of running, allows one to increase the rate of blood circulation and activates brain activity due to the continuously sounding "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation.

How to run? First we run in a clockwise direction with face forward, then - in a counterclockwise direction. After this, the running follows the same scheme, but this time back to front. Then, we use the same scheme with a sideways gallop or running by skipping along. In the process, the body is alternately positioned with its face or back to the centre of the circle.

The speed with which this illness develops can stop differently. It may happen so fast, that the person will not even have a chance to comprehend his transformation after only some two or three days, while he put in real effort into running on "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation. If this exercise is included into a daily routine of meditative and physical culture, so as to run on "R" vibration with "Ha" post-exhalation along a mini-stadium, then eventually there will be not need to worry about any fast developing form of flu.

When practicing preventive gymnastics, one has to put emphasis upon strengthening the muscle structure. This is achieved through work with evenly distributed weights. Their total weight should reach 7 or 10 kg. There is no real need of a heavier load, as the exercises will have a speedy dynamic character. Fitness cuffs, bags with groats or sandbags up to a weight of 1 kg, etc. can be used as weights evenly distributed throughout the whole body. Only under such conditions will the muscles start to react normally to the arising situations. In the absence of the weights, the practical result will be close to zero, which will effect the speed parameters of overcoming the sickness. Because the higher the intensity and speed with which the person works, the faster the healing and normal functioning of the body will come.

When working with the weights, the exercises start with jumps alternating between jumps on one foot and on two feet; then follow the squats - changing from one foot to both feet. This mini-complex is completed by push-ups. Additionally, the routine can be strengthened by jumps and speed exercises with a skipping rope. The time factor - is at your discretion. If you are sweating and find it hard to continue due to fatigue, have a bit of a rest and then continue all over again.

What else needs to be done in a speedy mode to make the sickness leave you?

Fill up the bathtub with cold water and quickly dip yourself into it, or take a quick cold shower, or simply pour a bucket of cold water over yourself - take care not to overdo any of the above to get your body excessively cold throughout. One can also use any volume of water as cold as possible and a few rags or small towels in it. One of the towels is quickly squeezed of water and placed on the body. Then comes the other towel, while the already used one goes back into the water. All this is performed in a speedy closed loop cycle and with different parts of the body, not allowing the body to get too cold overall. Because what takes place here is work only with the skin pores. They have to close and open very abruptly and quickly. This can only be achieved with cold water.

Speaking of the bathtub option. Either an adult or a child, without any fear, completely submerges the whole body including the head in a bath with water as cold as possible. Only one such plunge is enough. But one can also dive in a couple of times. There is no need to go under the water many times. Then one has to come out of the bathtub, quickly wipe oneself and put on a training suit or a specially prepared diving-suit with weights: and then to go on to running in a mini-stadium and physical exercises. In this situation the organism will not understand what it has to do, and whether it should continue being sick? Or it will tell itself: "This is some kind of idiocy! I am already perfectly healthy and am not sick with anything! I have had enough of these procedures etc. etc." And the recovery will come.

These three preventive stages can be recommended without hesitation to any person for a very quick recovery from an infectious influenza illness. After that, for the future he will have to think seriously about his health and start practicing any kind of recreational gymnastics for maintaining a healthy feel and vitality in the body. The panics and all sorts of PR campaigns around infectious kinds of flu have no serious grounds. Flu is just a flu. An ordinary infection. That's all.